Popular North Texas Self-Care Shop ‘Go Easy’ to Open in Houston

SELF-CARE LOOKS DIFFERENT FOR ALL OF US. For some, it’s a spa day complete with sheet masks, bubble baths, and a good book. For others, it’s an hour spent with your favorite candle burning while sipping a soothing cup of tea. Now, imagine a store that could give you the perfect products to make both of these self-care routines the best they can be?

Ladies and gents, let us introduce you to Go Easy.

When Molly Mathias, co-founder of popular Dallas-based store Magic Hour entered lockdown when Covid-19 hit, she did something many of us did—focused on herself as a way of coping. For Mathias, this meant getting acquainted with a variety of different self-care and meditation practices. As she became increasingly fond of her self-care journey, she realized her customers at Magic Hour were right there with her.

“We were getting a ton of more orders from our small apothecary section, and people were wanting to send their friends little self-care packages,” said Mathias. “That’s when I had this idea and thought, Why don’t we just have a whole store dedicated to these types of products?

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