How Kirra Life Is Bringing Inner Peace From Australia to Southern California and Beyond—One Sip at a Time

CBD Sereni-Tea!

Co-founded by power couple Jerrod Clancy and Amanda Li Paige, Kirra Life is a tea crafted from bright tastes, health-forward ingredients and a relaxing special ingredient—25 milligrams of CBD. The result? A line of beverages embodying flavors from the duo’s childhood memories that transports the drinker to a simpler, sunnier state of mind.

Ironically, the brand, which is so focused on inner peace, was birthed from chaos. When Clancy, an Aussie transplant, resigned from his job in LA, it opened him up to seeking opportunities he was excited about—but he needed to move quickly before his visa expired. While some would scramble and settle, Clancy was patient and used his time to pursue his passions.

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