Zolt was born of the enduring questions: How can we be our best selves more of the time? How can we feel more balanced and grounded? How can we enhance our mental focus, in particular, making it easier for ourselves to tackle the pressing matters before us? How can plants–and hemp in particular–be part of the solution to helping bring wellness to our every day?

We all do our best when we can. And knowing your body matters — fully understanding the circumstances under which we do our best, which often go beyond the basic factors of eating well and getting enough sleep. Our own experiences have taught us the value of establishing a wellness regimen for optimizing our own mental, physical, and emotional performance.

We knew that our own betterment required a clearer understanding of what our bodies needed and identifying the conditions under which we personally excelled. And research led us to suspect that hemp plant cannabinoids were a big part of our individual equations for success.