The Love of loose leaf teas developed  into the discovery of CBD Tea.

We have been privileged to offer organic artisan loose-leaf teas to our health-minded patrons Since 2010.

One Love Tea began with a dream; to promote a healthy lifestyle through the natural goodness of teas and herbs.  Our small family-run business was founded by Joanna Minton, who spent more than 12 years working in a pharmacy, while also studying the therapeutic benefits of herbs as an herbalist.  It was heartbreaking for Joanna to watch more and more people reach for over-the-counter and prescription laboratory drugs rather than consider a natural alternative.  So with humble beginnings, Joanna and her husband Bryon started selling her hand-crafted teas at a local farmers market as a way to introduce people to the benefits of herbs and provide a healthy alternative to the sugar and artificial ingredient loaded beverages on the market today.  One Love Tea became an overnight success!

The following year Bryon developed our innovative Cold Tea Infuser Bottle that we’ve become so well known for.  Finally a fast and simple way to prepare loose-leaf tea!  Around this time Bryon also began establishing what has become an extensive international network of tea and herb sources.  It’s our huge network of sources that allows us to offer so many different tea and herb blends while always maintaining the highest level of quality at prices less than you would expect.