At A1 Cannabis, we believe in offering approachable brands with innovative Cannabis Edibles. Drinks and Soft Chews shouldn’t taste bad or have to contain a ton of sugar. Our portfolio of products offers low dose, customizable formats to ensure consumers can have the best experience possible.

After an overwhelming first experience with cannabis in Amsterdam, A1 Cannabis Founder, Cole Miller vowed to never try it again. Years later, whilst working in the beverage alcohol industry and becoming more health-conscious, he began to seek alternatives to alcohol. The answer was Cannabis. But smoking was off the table and he didn’t want to repeat his previous negative experience. He found that the current edible assortment tasted bad, had unpredictable effects and the branding was off-putting.

When he couldn’t find his ideal product, he decided to make it. Cannabis products that were low dose, shareable and allowed consumers to have full control of their experience. Flavours that were just as good as you could find in the grocery store and never any cannabis taste. A1 Cannabis was born.