CBD by the sea: ‘Chi Samui’ is serving cannabis dishes including CBD teas

Cannabis-infused food is definitely Thailand’s biggest non-croissant food trend of 2021 so far, and a restaurant on a popular southern island has jumped on the bandwagon.

Claiming to be the first restaurant on Koh Samui allowed to serve dishes containing cannabis, Chi Samui opened late last month with a wide range of food and drinks containing newly legalized cannabinoids, or CBD.

“We believe once people really understand and appreciate the health benefits of CBD,  it will simply go from strength to strength,” said Gaetan Bertin, general manager of Chi Samui.

As with all the other new cafes and restaurants which have opened across the nation, it’s not a stoner cafe as the use of THC, the psychoactive compound of cannabis, is still prescribed in any significant quantity.

The restaurant, which is licensed to obtain cannabis leaves from a partnering university, serves a varied selection of teas, cocktails, shakes and lemonades alongside dishes such as pizza, burgers, pasta, hummus and crowd-pleasing pad kaprao– all cooked with cannabis.

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